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Alliance Bank has been in Oran since March of 2004, and 10 years later they’ve outgrown that initial space! Jim Gosche is the Senior Vice President on the Lending Team and he’s been with Alliance Bank since January of 2004, the very beginning of Alliance Bank’s time in Oran. He was kind enough to provide an overview of the new facility. Why a new building, Jim? A permanent building will ensure stability to our customers and community, and give them the confidence that Alliance Bank will be their banking center now and in... Read More
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Having spent a combination of 13 years in both the community and corporate banking atmospheres, I have become aware of the most important factor for acquiring a loan – be it commercial, agricultural, personal or home – and that is to have a “good credit rating.” For many this term is a black hole and I hope to make it simpler to understand in this article. Of the 5 C’s of Credit, which are Capital (down payment & overall equity), Capacity (cash flow to service debt obligations), Character (integrity & re... Read More
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What do you think? Lots of changes! The whole look of our website has been updated and modernized. A clean look paired with our traditional bank colors looks great! Also, coming soon will be a new mobile website. Our website uses side menu bars to help you navigate, which is much friendlier for users of tablets. If at any time in browsing the site, you want to go back to the home page, simply click the house icon or the Alliance Bank logo at the top of the page. Another important feature of the new site is the important Alert bar which will di... Read More
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