Online Banking FAQ

Q: What is Online Banking?

A. Online Banking is a real-time online system that allows our customers a secure and convenient way to access their Alliance Bank accounts through the internet.

Q: How do I register for Online Banking?

A. You can complete the Online Banking registration form and submit it to us. Once your registration is received and processed, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access the system for the first time. You may contact us anytime at 1-888-287-4094 for help or additional information.

Q: How secure is Online Banking?

A. All sensitive and personal information is encrypted and access requires passcodes that only you know. In addition, your full account numbers are never displayed on the system.

Q: What happens if I forget or lose my login information?

A. You may call us at 1-888-287-4094 and with proper verification, your Access ID and Passcode will be restored or reset. You may also use the “Passcode Reset” feature online, which can be found in the Online Banking section of our home page. This feature allows you to unlock your account if it has been locked out after three unsuccessful login attempts.

Q: Is there a time out feature?

A. Yes, if the system has been inactive for over 10 minutes, the user will be required to re-enter their Access ID and Passcode.

Q: What formats can I download my transaction history in?

A. Online Banking supports downloads to spreadsheets or word processing programs such as Quicken and Microsoft Money.

Q: How much information can I view at once?

A. The system will automatically show the current month’s transactions in a Quick History mode. However, by selecting User Preferences, you can choose to view the current and previous month. Or, you can choose View History and select transactions up to the last 24 months.

Q: How current is my banking information?

A. Your account information is updated at the end of every business day.

Q: Can I schedule future transfers?

A. Yes, you can make real time transfers for the same business day and schedule future and recurring transfers.

Q: Can I make “principal only” payments for loans?

A. No, at this time you cannot designate “principal only” payments. The system will post any payment with a regular payment transcode. Please call or email Loan Servicing, and the payment can be applied correctly. We are currently working on this change.

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