Technical FAQ

Q. What Browser Should I Use?

A. To ensure optimal security and access to all features in our Online Banking product, we recommend using one of the following supported browsers:

  • 1. Internet Explorer – Versions 9+
  • 2. Mozilla FireFox – Versions 19+
  • 3. Google Chrome – Versions 25+
  • 4. Apple Safari – Version 5-6+

Any browsers not mentioned are considered unsupported. Such browsers may be attempted, but are not certified for use. The user may experience features not functioning properly. Beta versions of browsers are not recommended for use.

Q. Can I Use A Mobile Device?

A. Yes, Alliance Bank’s website is optimized for mobile devices. Any Android, Google or Windows devices will have the same viewing experience as a desktop computer. Anyone using an Apple device will have the same experience, but must accept a third-party cookie to be able to access Online Bill Pay. This can be accepted by going to Settings>Safari>Block Cookies – Change to ‘From third-parties and advertisers’.

Q. How Can I Protect My Online Banking Account Information?

A. While Alliance Bank believes it is our top priority to protect your banking information, you have an important part in safeguarding your accounts. There are multiple ways you can ensure your Alliance Bank Online Banking information is protected.

  • Don’t give your Access ID and/or Passcode to anyone. These are designed to be exclusive to only your Banking Session and will protect your information if you keep them private.
  • Change your Passcode frequently.
  • Don’t walk away from your computer if you are logged in to your Online Banking Session.
  • ALWAYS sign off your Online Banking Session before visiting other sites.

Online Banking Security Features

Encryption Techniques

Encryption is a way to “code” information. When you request and receive information about your accounts, everything is performed with SSL compliant, 128 bit encryption.

Access ID and Passcode Information

In order to access the Alliance Bank Online Banking system, you must enter a unique Access ID and Passcode.

Passcode Security System

Whenever a passcode is entered incorrectly three times, the user is “locked out” of the system. If you have forgotten your passcode and have accidentally locked yourself out of your account, you may use the “Passcode Reset” option (at the top of the home page) to get unlocked. Or if you prefer, you may contact us at (888) 287-4094.

Multi-Factor Authentication

As another level of security, you will be prompted to select and answer four security verification questions. Anytime the computer or location you are logging in from is not recognized, you may be asked to answer two randomly selected questions. These answers must be typed exactly the same way they were initially entered.

Automatic Logoff

Anytime you are logged into your Alliance Bank Online Banking Session and do not have any activity for 10 minutes, you will be prompted to re-enter your login information before continuing.

Website Security

Online Forms and Applications

When visiting or sending information through the Alliance Bank website, you will notice the URL being used is in “secure” mode. This is evident by the “https” that appears in the address bar as opposed as seeing “http”. If you are using Internet Explorer, you will see a locked padlock icon at the bottom of the screen.

Email Communication

If you have any personal or confidential information to send to Alliance Bank, remember email is not necessarily secure against interception. Please contact us before sending anything with your account number, social security number, or any personal information and we will assist with alternate methods.

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